New Product Launched: Magneto-optic Switch

Recently, GEZHI makes breakthrough in magneto-optical technology and launches magneto-optical switches series. 

Based on Faraday rotation effect, the change of magnetic field affects the magneto-optical crystal and then changes the incident angle of polarized light, so that the light route switching is achieved. No mechanical movement during light route switching gives magneto-optical switch outstanding competitiveness against mechanical optical switch in switching time, repeatability and durability. Magneto-optical switch have witching time ≤100us, durability ≥30 billion times, repeatability ≤±0.01dB, while mechanical and MEMS optical switches are switching time ≤20ms, durability ≤100 million times and repeatability ≤±0.05dB. Besides, GEZHI magneto-optical switch possesses unique advantages in stability, power and mute. The design makes optical path reversible without switching state changed, which is an innovative breakthrough in Faraday rotation effect irreversibility. The compact structure, single / double-ended, single / bipolar design take full consideration of users’ different needs. GEZHI magneto-optical switches overcome bottlenecks that channels are limited in small confined, and realize multi-channels and multi-matrixes. Based on product characteristics, magneto-optical switches are suitable for applications which require long durability, high switching frequency, high response speed, long uninterrupted switching, and accurate repeatability. Magneto-optical switches are the first choice for optical fiber sensing, security monitoring, high-speed optical path protection, aerospace and military field. Currently, GEZHI magneto-optical switches series is mass production available. 


GEZHI R&D team achieves innovation not only in magneto-optical switches, but also in MEMS and mechanical optical switches. After 10 years research and produce, mechanical optical switches are well improved. Mini type, single ended type, multi-channel series have been launched. While MEMS optical switches have new 1xN, MxN series products with high compact, low insertion and wide working temperature range. 



GEZHI started with optical component processing. Now, it is an optoelectronic communications enterprise specializing in the R&D, producing, and marketing of optical communication products, such as MEMS IC design and package, FSI optical isolators, DWDM system devices and modules, EDFA optical passive devices, optical switch protection modules and optical intelligent test system. And it also provided FTTH engineering and technical services. GEZHI is changing the simple impression of ‘Made in China’ with Chinese wisdom and technology.

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