Optical Bypass Switch

Optical Bypass Switch

2×2 Fiber Optical Bypass Switch application

The picture (figure 1) is the optical transmission path network. The signal between the internet and router is is transmit by transmission equipment. When transmission equipment have problems or power off, then the signal can’t transmit . Now we will integrate the 2×2 Bypass optical switch into transmission equipment, to realize the function and ensure the system and other chain are on a normal communicating condition.


Figure 1

2×2B Optical Switch’s complication on cascading node of optical video:

The figure 2 is the Independent design of Node with High reliability and the protection function on Node when the optical chain power off. or one node of chain have problems, It won't influence the whole chain, and won't influence the working of others too.

For example: if the Third node have problem, and First, Second or Forth Node also can work normally. In minitor centre, we can know what’s happened with Third Node by the indicate light of receiver vedio converter. This type are widely used on the monitory of Highway and Railway. 


                                                                          Figure 2

Dual 2×2 Bypass Optical Switch (4×4 Optical Switch)

GEZHI optical bypass switch is designed especially for protection and restoration operations. The Mechanical  Dual 2×2 Bypass opto-mechanical fiberoptic switch provides 2 simultaneously activated 2 x 2 Bypass switches in a single compact package. The device connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers This is achieved using an opto–mechanical configuration which is activated via an electrical control signal. The switch is bidirectional. The optical bypass mode is triggered on when the optical switch loses DC power. Alternatively, the bypass mode may be activated from a contact input when DC power is present. These optical switches are available in single mode and multi-mode and at either 1310nm or 1550nm wavelengths.