1×1 on/off Fiber Optic Switch

1×1 on/off Fiber Optic Switch

1×1 on/off Micro Fiber Optical Switch can contol the transmission or breaking the light path. 

Applicated in break the transmission on light path.

The 1×1 opto-mechanical bi-directional fiber optic switch connects optical channels by redirecting 1 incoming optical signals into 1 output fibers. This is achieved using a opto-mechanical configuration and activated via an electrical control signal.

Which Used in optical switching, configuration optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM), optical fiber ring protection and optical cross and connection system.

Optical Cut Off Switch

For Optic Signal Selection Applications

Optical Cut off switch.png

For Example:

On FTTH, the fiber optic switch can be controlled remotely, according to the condition of customer’s arrear.

1x1 optical switch.png

Optical Route


More detail specification of 1×1 fiber optic switch, you can check below: